Bible School was what we expected and then some! “Organized chaos” to the extreme. The Lord sent some clouds and a breeze, the 95 degree weather didn’t seem so bad when we were in the shade.

Children, like these, always steal my heart… I’m amazed at how clean they can be considering their circumstances. Bible School put the final touch of exhaustion on us. We made our way back to the house that we were staying at with ten more families waiting for their portion of food.

There has been some discussion about how we seem to have more bags of food than we should. It won’t be  the first time that God has multiplied our resources but each time it is exciting! After some of Maresa’s delicious spaghetti we each had our cold water bucket showers and hit the sack. I woke at 10pm in a pool of sweat—reached for thermometer to see it read 95 degrees. Lucas, sleeping next to me, due to lack of room, had stacked his suitcases blocking any air to flow. With suitcases on one side and a wall on the other I was in my own personal thermos. So we moved the bags and by midnight it cooled off to around 85 degrees… thus, “sleeping weather”.

Thank you again for you prayers and support.


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