Monday continued…

We had ordered our tin/steel from a new place, Tres Hermano’s, and for whatever reason they did not have it on the job site as promised. Maressa handled the situation  very well as she was polite but firm about the mistake that they had made. By noon the steel was delivered and the team wasted no time getting the church covered.

The team made much progress despite obstacles common when on mission. Keith and Pat, the lightest and most agile of the gringos, manned the roof from above, while others worked from the ground. As our day came to an end we were two pieces short in finishing the roof. Geeee….Whizz! All in All - It’s been a good FIRST day.

Back at Pastor Armando’s house Tom shovels sand into FIVE gallon buckets preparing for the concrete work there. These pictures also gives you an idea of the living conditions endured by Pastor Armando and his family. The cooking stove in the back ground and closer up (right).

Brandon McLain, West Point Baptist, was a big help and found some way to serve constantly. With Donna in the fore ground this was our break area with Pastor Armando’s house in the back ground. Tony Brawner, First Methodist, Mt. Pleasant, TN, with a new friend.

Pastor’s Armando sharpens a machete behind his house. The only cabinet they owned was this small old green one.

May God bless you,


Over Zealous Missionaries…can’t a guy get some sleep around here?

On Sunday night we met, voted, polled a friend, and decided to sleep in. We decided to start work at SIX AM but I think some of the guys thought that said that we would finish by SIX AM.Who can complain about missionaries who want to start early?

Coffee was ready by FOUR AM and work began shortly thereafter. We had SIXTY TWO portions of food to prepare and these guys made short work of it. Finishing dividing and bagging by SIX AM and before my second cup of coffee, and uh breakfast, the generator was fixed and running as well as an old Toyota of Ely and Rosa’s. Donna, Joyce and Shay start the process of sorting VBS materials. While Mike Gower receives instruction from his wife, Teresa. This was Mike, Teresa’s and Shay’s first mission trip. What a blessing they were to us all. After breakfast we loaded the trucks and trailer with tools, shovels, picks, wheel barrows, FIVE gallon buckets, the cement mixer, along with lunch and supper before heading for Nueva Florida.

Todays agenda…pour a concrete band around top of Pastor Armando’s new house, start roofing the new church building, and get ready for Bible school. We began pouring the band at the house. The scaffolding always amazes me, especially when it holds the weight of gringos. The team does a fantastic job.

Neighborhood children gather to watch all the action.

Lunch is a welcomed sight! Pastor Armando’s old house in the back ground.

Jerry and Buckshot taking a siesta…just couldn’t resist! It was evident that Bible School was going to be interesting. With limited space a soccer game was out of the question so we introduced the boys to TUG OF WAR…it was a blast! Thank you for your prayers! Day one is in the books…



We hired two pastors who had old Toyota 4×4′s to take us, along with the Kia 4×4, to Buena Vista and Pueblo Nuevo. The road going is to rough for the van. At Buena Vista we blessed 32 families with food and shared the gospel in several homes. We pray the seeds fell on good soil. After lunch we drove to Pueblo Nuevo to a new church plant. There we were blessed by giving food to villagers as well as church members. In three short months of existence the church is growing there. They really need a church building before the rain starts in June. We are praying for our Lord’s provision. Tonight we had some street kids join us for dinner at the taco stand. Ronnie was not around but perhaps we will see him again soon. They ate always a blessing to be with. All in all it’s been a great week. God has blessed us greatly. Thank you again for your prayers. God bless you, Lewis