THURSDAY, Go Dog Go…..Last Chance to Finish

The sun was shining and it looked to be a beautiful day. The floor, however, was going to take some work after yesterday’s rain. Mario and Venny worked on it as the team laid some additional blocks and started on the roof.

By noon we were getting close but clouds were rolling in.

As David, Justin, Darrell and Jay got the last of the roof on others were cleaning up and loading the tools.

Mario and Venny did a great job finishing out the floor.

Pastor Fransisco and family would now have a secure house with a dry concrete floor and a non leaking roof.

Pastor Eidberto, Palo Gordo 2, will make the windows and door and next week they will receive water and a sink for washing.

The team poses with the family and co-workers before heading out.

Wednesday, Hump Day, We pulled a few prayers from the prayer bowls today

1 Peter 5:8- Be alert! Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for seone to devour.

Our enemy roared loudly on Wednesday as we were faced with many challenges.

Physically, we were tiring adding to the frustration of miss communcation, something common with language barriers and different cultures.

Our pile of gravel, for making cement, was diminishing quickly, and with only one more mix of cement to finish the floor we ran out.

To add insult to misery, before we could get more gravel to finish the floor, a cold rain set in. Like drowned rats we tried to wait and see if the rain might stop but by six pm we gave up that piece of cheese.

This team of guys really does know how to get things done with all of their building skills. Our goal is to finish the house by Thursday noon, so we can get off the mountain before the weather turns bad, and be back in the City on Friday. Was building a house in only three and a half days going to be an achievable goal?

That night we prayed that tomorrow would be a better day. We still needed to fix the floor and construct the roof.

Back at camp we got into some dry clothes and sat down for another wonderful meal prepared by Rosa, Jamie and ladies from the church. I only wish that I could say I slept well too, but “this rock” paid too much attention to the enemies roar.

1 Peter 5:7 casting all your anxieties on Him for He cares for you. Ok Lord… still trying…

Thanks for keeping those prayer bowls full… Lord bless you.