Our flight down was pretty much uneventful. I arrived about one hour before the team and waited outside the airport for their arrival.


The Wynne Baptist team comes along with David and Ally through the doors.
When Edurado and Edson arrived the boys were eager to ride in the back of the truck.


We are grateful to report that all arrive at Ely and Rosa’s home safely.
Traffic was very light this morning. We drove from the city arriving at Ely’s church in Amatitlan by 9am. There we divided into teams and went in different direction in the village.


Here David Hill shares the gospel with a lady. Two men surrendered their lives to the Lord today. We are blessed and grateful. By noon we were on our journey to the coast. We arrived at Piedra Partida at 6pm.

After getting things unloaded and beds set up we had dinner. The team enjoyed their PB and jelly while I enjoyed a bottle of water and a can of tuna. After a short devotion we hit the showers and the bed. Tomorrow we will be sharing the gospel in Nueva Florida in the morning and a school with 500 students in the afternoon.

All is well. Thank you for your prayers, notes and encouragement. God bless you!


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