The road to LLano Grande is on a ridge, and in some places the entire ridge in no more than 20 ft wide. There’s a 1 mile drop off on either side. The breath-taking view is spectacular!
Today was much the same, we poured lots of concrete to bring the foundation of the wall to nearly ground level. (I have limited pics since we were busy loading and unloading the machine.)

Thank you, once again, for your prayers. Today is the first day that I have felt good since our labors last week. God is so good to us and blessing us every day with strength.

Bible School

The children are so very precious! Again, I have limited photos to show for we were still busy working with the concrete. Heather said they had around 50 respond to the Gospel invitation. We trust God with the outcome and are happy that soon they’ll have a church building to worship in. I’m so very thankful for Heather and Melissa, and their work with the children.

On our way in tonight we stopped by Pastor Francisco’s house. They have really fixed up their little house that the team built last May. While there, Tony had an emotional reconnect with Devis. They had become very close while we were here this past May.

We were given the opportunity to pray for a lady in the village who had a terrible infection in her feet. The open wound–that doctors could not get to heal–looked really bad. We prayed for healing and left.

Maressa had a great supper for us. We finished just as the rain began. Strange, as it never rains here in February… oh well.

Thank you again for your prayers,

One Response to “Day 3, Wed at Llano Grande”
  1. Shelby Bonner

    Praising God for His response in all area’s of this ministry trip and that the seed’s planted willl be seen in visits to come.
    Be safe!
    In HIS love and grace, GranB

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