I didn’t know if our van could handle part of the rough road but we made it to the new church plant in El Sitio, a village of 200 families near Piedra Partida.

When we arrived the children were already waiting. The church, only six months old, is a temporary shed type building on the side of the pastors house.

Speaking of pastors….. Pastor Tony Gomillion, was a big hit with the children during the skits. I might also add that he went above and beyond in serving last week.

The team acted out the story of creation, Adam and Eve and the fall of mankind. The children listened intently.

The road made for a good soccer game but soon was washed out by heavy rains.

We all headed for cover, and the team gave out coloring sheets.

Bubbles are always a big hit.

Lauren McDougal entertaining the children. It was a real blessing to see how Lauren had grown into a beautiful young women.


Anthony Davis interacts with one of the children.

The team also share the gospel to many homes in the village.

Some heard the gospel for the first time and many seeds were planted. We pray the Word of the Lord fell on fertile soil.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. The Lord continues to bless our efforts among the poor.


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