Our room was nicely prepared just like we had never left. They have graciously given us their beds once again.

Adios Amebas!

I visited my new doctor, Dr. Eleazar Siebenhor, today.  He said, “Brother, you are really sick with ameba.” I said, “Doc, what do you recommend?” He sent Rosa to the pharmacy for some Secnidazol, the ultimate ameba killer. Rosa returns with a pack of four pills. The doctor told me to take all of them and then go lie down. “By tonight you will know if you are going to be better, Lewis”. Praise the Lord—I live and the ameba dies! I feel better now than I have in the past ten days. Amazing what a little poison can do!

I can’t wait to show you pics of the church building that we started only 3 weeks ago, they’re amazing! I will take pics first thing tomorrow. God bless you and thank you for praying!


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