Please accept our apologies. We didn’t mean to go away in April our web site was hacked and this caused us many issues. The whole process has been a bit frustrating, but I am so very thankful that Kristen Hodges, our technical director, has gotten things back on line. Without her wonderful help there would be no WWWC web site.


After many prayers and by our Lord’s power and grace Lilly is at home and doing reasonably well. Again we are thankful.


Things have gone well the past few months in Guatemala in spite of many adversities. The Lord continues to strengthen us as we learn to trust Him more.

The Church at Pueblo Nuevo is nearing completion and we are so grateful to the Lord and all who gave.

Tomorrow Eduardo and I will meet the team from FBC Shreveport at the coast. We will be completing the construction project at Las Mercedes, and ministering in some poor villages worming children, distributing food and such.


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