We’ve had a great week. We have been to nine different villages and two schools presenting the gospel and sharing the love of Christ. Our lives have been changed by the people we have met and shared with. Our hearts will carry the memories and our souls the scars, etched into the depth of an eternity.

Today’s journey brought us to San Antonio, a village near Piedra Partida, where we continued going door to door sharing testimonies and the gospel.


Many women of the church at San Antonio were fasting and praying, and in our very home a teenager girl surrendered her life to Christ.


As we made our way to other houses we found these men who were drying corn on black plastic and sifting out the pieces of cob. They looked extremely hot so we took them bottled water and had the opportunity to share Christ with them.


In another visit, we shared with an old man who claimed that he’d never heard the gospel. We are praying for all of the seeds that were sown.


In the afternoon, we invited the children from Piedra Partida to come and color, play, and hear a Bible story.


We had a great time and even when the rains came the fun didn’t end…


Even for some of our larger kids like David Mitchell.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We love you,

Lewis and Donna

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