Heavy Rains – More Mud Slides….
There continues to be torrential rains in Guatemala causing flooding and mudslides. Five people are reported dead and another 252 evacuated. Hardest hit was the region of Suchitepequez, an area we travel through on our way to the coast. Villages Nahualate and Shecutzan both sustained much damage. Please continue to pray for all of those who suffered loss.

I posted a picture so you can see just how devastating the mudslides can be.

As with most teams, the missionaries from Wynne Baptist spent a few hours in Antigua on the final day of their trip. Though a bit overcast, it was a beautiful day, we had no rain and were able to relax before heading into the city for the night.

Team photo ……. with Volcano Agua in the back ground. Agua is 11,000 feet tall……a cloud covers it’s peak.

Just a bit of a recap for the week:
We handed out around 1000 gospel tracts on market day in Catarina Monday morning. I personally have never had anyone who did not receive a tract and take the time to read it. We know that our Lord’s Word will not return void….

A man reads a tract he just received, left, and Tim and Shelly McNatt run into friends they made a year and a half ago, right. Shelly brought pictures of the previous trip and all were delighted.
VBS became….interesting as the clouds covered the sun and darkness fell at 4pm. Finally there was one light bulb that came on as Pastor Manuel touched two wires together. Not quite OSHA approved.

Flashlights help Pastor Jeff tell the gospel story using the EvangeCubes.
Left below – Back at the dorm, steel needed to be cut for the construction of the church in Tecun Uman, so the guys pitched in and completed the task. Right – Many families were blessed with black beans, rice, salt, sugar, cooking oil and coffee. The team loads the truck with food and supplies.

Pete Morey farms 3000 acres of rice and soybeans back in Arkansas. He came on his second mission trip to Guatemala. Pete, strong as an ox and looks like a “Worlds Strongest Man” participant has a BIG GENTLE HEART. I think this little girl stole it away while we were in La Montonita.

Our journey back to the city:
Just beyond the far, white painted, rock is where the road used to be……. Such is life for those living in Guatemala. This area is very close to Antigua and the damage was caused a couple of months ago from the tropical storm. We took this pic as we passed by.

Home Sweet Home:
It’s good to be back at home again, but the contrast of how we live here in the states compared to how so many, that I have come to know and love, live in Guatemala…… weighs heavy on my heart.
Please remember them in your prayers.

A Closing Thought…….
Next time your out at your favorite restaurant and your steak isn’t cooked cooked as ordered……remember……that you just spent on one meal……. what many families have to survive on for an entire month.

Ok….Enough…..well…….one more…..
Feeling fatigued and just not myself, I went for blood work on Monday. This is much easier than the hard time Donna gives me for not going. As I waited my turn I said to myself…….self….. can you believe how easy this is? I came….they took….and I will have my results within a few days.

The contrast… In Guatemala, those who are poor… can wait ONE YEAR just to get into the hospital to have their blood drawn! Okay… I’m finished…
A Word of Gratitude:
Words cannot express the level of gratitude we feel toward our brothers and sisters in Christ at Wynne Baptist Church. I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to know them and serve with them in God’s Kingdom work. Thank you all so very much.

I will be in the states until November and would love the opportunity to come and share about our work in Guatemala with your church. You can email me or give me a call for scheduling. Thank you for your faithful support.

All for His glory,

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