Construction goes to a new height.

The church, by day’s end, will have a concrete roof on the front to give protection from rain. So, once again, we find ourselves mixing cement on the ground in 110 degree temperature. Does that sound like a complaint? I guess my flexibility, patience, and sanctified face are all three wearing thin. We’ve got one wheel barrow, two and a half shovels, and four buckets to work with. Ok… that’s enough whining. I’ll blame it on the ameba. The second dose has made me feel good enough to be grouchy.

As the sun was setting Caitlin came to the rescue, she hauled the last few loads of cement for us.

The roof was finally finished by 6pm.

Bible School-Last Day

Two-hundred and fifty children came today. The team did a wonderful job once again with crafts, games and Bible stories!

Ely’s Report:

Ely’s latest report is very good! The tumors have decreased by 50 percent. We rejoice with praise and thanksgiving. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers.


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  1. Traci lawson

    Praise the Lord for Ely’s good report!!

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