First I want to apologize about the pics. The day before we left home I was having email problems with the iPhone and my Mac computer. I spent three hours talking with incompetent reps from AT&T only to be passed to a Mac rep who talked me into paying $129. She promised the problem to be resolved quickly if I did so. After waiting on hold another twenty minutes, after I paid, or so I got cut off. No one called back and I simply had no more time with packing and last minute prep for the trip. needless to say I had to do some repenting that night, but I’m becoming convinced the AT&T and Mac are of the devil. To date I am unable to send emails to you without breaking my address book into segments, from the iPhone and my Mac email has stop sending all together. My frustrations mount as many of you have responded concerning the pictures.

When I return home I will try and get things straightened out and Resend emails. For now I will just send some “short” updates. Again I apologize for the inconvenience. Today has been incredible. The team started early making the dirt floor the right level for cement. Once the floor was poured we finished the roof by 2p.

Some of the guys went shopping for a kitchen sink for pastor Armando’s wife as well as a kitchen cabinet. They returned in grand style and soon the generous act of kindness brought tears to our eyes. The ladies worked all morning preparing gift bags for more than 200 children and we needed every last one and then some. Four older children surrendered their lives to Christ today! More than 200 children and adults heard the gospel. We trust God for the seeds planted. The church at Nueva Florida is growing by our Lord’s grace. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you. Lewis

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