The team made much progress despite many obstacles. Here at the church we liked two pieces of metal finishing the roof. Tomorrow we will be busy pouring the cement floor.

Back at Pastor Armando’s house children gathered as we worked.

Many times on mission trips you face the unexpected. Here we are finishing the concrete cap before the house was ready for roofing. Conditions were a bit crowded and certainly not OSHA approved but we did finish so the house can be roofed on Tuesday.

Lunch was a welcomed sight. This picture also gives you an idea of the living conditions endured by Pastor Armando and his family.

Just outside the house Tom shovels sand used in the concrete mix.
I have no pictures of VBS because I couldn’t get over there. Donna and the others did a wonderful job and I understand around 150 children attended.
Once again thank you for your prayers.
Mat God bless you.


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