With the truck problems we didn’t get to bed until 2a so morning came early. We had 60, 25 lb portions of food to sort, bag and load along with lunch and VBS supplies.

Sunday had been a long hard day but the team worked hard to get everything accomplished.

Pastor Tony ties the bags as Anthony loads the truck.

As we arrive at the church in Limoncintos the children gathered.

VBS began with songs. Then the team did a wonderful job telling a Bible story by word and skit.

Afterwards the children  had a craft and rec time.

Dean and Sheila Anderson provided us with an Awana’s International Missions kit complete with soccer balls, jerseys, Christian tracs and much more.

The humidity is 110% and it’s hot but in spite of the conditions here the team has served our Lord well.

We are thankful for your prayers and the cool shower that awaits us.

To God be all glory!


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