Twenty nine and holding no more.

It’s been nearly ten years since I’ve been around 16 teenagers for an overnight outing, much less an entire week in Guatemala. It’s loud and their energy level is off the charts. It is 11:30p and it sounds like the second wind just kicked in. No I’m not complaining. I couldn’t ask for a better group of kids but that’s my point…..they are kids, 35 to 40 years my jr. Their desire to serve God is blessing my socks off. We haven’t heard the first complaint and the presense of God is evident in their lives.

As I sat in on their devotion time I could see that their thoughts were both sincere and challenging.

Sunday Night:
I’m lying here, in a portable neck traction, trying to nurse a bulging disk, and I tell myself, self, you are not as young as you used to be. Body parts just don’t heal like they used to. Oh well, let’s get some sleep.

5:30a Up and Adam–Daylights burning and the rain’s coming.
First we dig out the scaffolding and boards to paint inside the pavilion, others clean the roof and still others start painting the steel that can be reached from the ground.

Soon the girls are up and start preparing VBS supplies.

The guys start painting the roof and the underside of the pavilion.

By lunch we see that the roof is going to take some time. The team made good progress though and after cleaning up and lunch they set their sites on VBS. We expect at least 100 children. Day one is nearly in the books, no one hurt, injured, homesick or any other problems that I am aware of. Glory to God in the highest!

Thank you for keeping our prayer bowls full. (Rev. 5:8)


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