You’ve heard me talk many times before about the driving conditions in Guatemala. It’s like Talladega and the Indy 500 all in one. There is no safe driving distance in following the car in front of you because any space that you allow is considered fair game. It’s a battle for position. It makes no difference if the bus is stopping 50 feet away, he will cut in front of you anyway. Cars scream bumper to bumper, motorcycles weave in and out of traffic like a spider weaves a web, and unless you learn to drive –a bit as they do– you’ll be caught in the web like helpless prey.

The lines on the roads really have no meaning, speed limits are mere suggestions, stop signs must give a subliminal message –”speed up! faster–go faster!”

The only things that slows people down are road conditions and tumulos’s –speed bumps on steroids.

While driving one must pay attention, something no longer required here in the states. Driving requires a constant state of alertness –meeting cars in “your” lane is common, as is being passed on the right and the left simultaneously.

Pot holes–a deadly hazard, can cripple and maim. Drivers constantly maneuver, taking extreme measures to avoid these deadly craters, but sometimes, no matter how well you know the road or how you drive…..the inevitable happens. Thus was our predicament, on Sunday, July 4, as we caravanned to the coast last week.

While driving the rental van a crater appeared sudden and deep. It swallowed half of the road. I braked hard and swerved to the right.

We hit the giant hole hard. Though it jarred us a bit fortunately we escaped any damage.

Our blue van, that followed, with other team members, also hit the deep pot hole, and it’s condition wasn’t quite so favorable. Within minutes the two damaged wheels produced flat tires.

At a safe pull over place, the guys worked on one of the bent wheels as the rain started again. They were able to beat the best one back to where it would hold air. We used the spare tire to replace the other damaged wheel and after an hour we were back on the road.

One never knows what lies around the next curve on Guatemala’s highways and by-ways.

It’s sort of like life–no one knows what tomorrow holds–but we who know Christ Jesus as Lord, know Him who holds tomorrow and everyday after.

Thanks for listening. We appreciate your prayers and support so very much.


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