We had begun the day at 4a, and now, 8 hours later, we were sitting on a detour road going nowhere. I was tired and frustrated, and for all my super spiritual friends out there……. I was not interested in this being one of those teachable moments.

We sat, waited and we got our “Go to jail….don’t pass go, do not collect $200 cards.” If only I had one more “Get out of Jail Free Card.” I never was any good at Monopoly. We looked to see if we could go backward, forward……sideways……Anyway at all……Beam me up Scotty……Rapture…. : ) Then the news came…… the problem was that big trucks had been detoured our way by mistake and they were unable to pull a steep hill ahead.

The road was completely blocked, and after an hour or so….whose counting anyway…..Just when my stomach took it’s final breath……we began to move. Cheers rang out! Some were overcome by the joy while others were unmoved…..after all…we are Baptist. : )

Finally, there was nothing before us except the road, loosely put. With guns blasting the mighty 4 cyl. engine climbed the steep hill and we were once again on our way. Twelve hours after we started our day we made it to Antigua so the team could shop and relax.

Someone asked…..”Did you ever get worried?” Nah….not really. Perhaps concerned a bit at times, but the God we serve is more than able. He cares for us….Just let that really soak in……He cares for us.

Thank you once again for your prayers and financial support. Always be found faithful in whatever you do.


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