Things went very well at the school in Malacatan. The teams did a wonderful job sharing personal testimonies and sharing the gospel. We planted seeds–giving opportunity to respond and ask questions. There was at least one who made a public decision but so many listened intently as we shared. It was clear that God was at work.


I would ask that you pray for Waleska, the English teacher at the school. She is a wonderful Christian lady. Her husband died last year and now she raises their four children alone.

We left the school at 5:30pm and made our way to the Mexican Taco stand. We try and go there once during the week. The food is good and the Lord always gives us opportunity to minister.


Tonight we met Daniel, (white shirt) a very impoverished 9 year old boy who walked by looking hungry. We invited him in, pulled up a chair, and ordered food for him.

Ronnie, (blue shirt) David the shoe shine boys friend and business partner, also came by also selling candy. The team graciously bought all he had along with him something to eat. Both boys only ordered two tacos each but then ate everything that was set before them for the next hour.
From Daniel, 9 yrs old we only learned that he was poor.

As we talked to Ronnie, he professed to be a Christian. He had told us this before but I wanted to see if his story was the same. He told us that his dad had died and he, being the oldest of six, helped his mom by working to support the family. He said that his house was pretty far away and when he could he took a taxi home at night. The taxi cost 5q or 70 cents. As we struggled to contain our emotions we dug in our pockets for taxi fare.


Ronnie, and Brady Wingo from Wynne, pose for a photo. Both boys are about the same age but their lives are so vastly different.

As always we covet your prayers. It is and honor to serve the Lord. Today we will travel to Las Mercedes and to Malacatan to encourage the saints and share the good news their.

God bless you.

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  1. Clara Moery

    Thanks for the updates. Sounds like the Lord is at work. It is great to be able to keep up with family and friends while they are in Guat
    emala. PTL

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