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A Final Needed Word Concerning Last Week

Oakland Baptist Church has been coming with us to Guatemala for eight years and I appreciate them so very much. Until this year, David Hodges has lead every team but due to his mother’s failing health he wasn’t able to come this year. David, we missed you but you left us in good hands. We pray for you and your mother, looking forward to when you can return to Guatemala.

Welcome to LLano Grande! It is beautiful here and at 9000 ft, the air is fresh!

Mayan Worship Service

Yesterday, we visited some ruins just two hours from the city and we stumbled upon a Myan service. We kept our distance not to disturb them and made sure we could have a head start just in case something happened.  In the past, humans had been sacrificed on this very sight.

Praise the Lord—today only vegetables and fruits were offered! : )

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We Throw Rocks in Guatemala

Watch this video that I recorded from my iPhone.  Three or four times we would go down to the river and get rocks for the foundation. I couldn’t help but thinking about when I was a kid and getting in trouble for throwing rocks. (Turn you volume up)

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