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Day 1 at Mas Agua, Part 2

The heat took a few casualties this afternoon, Jay was the worst but it affected us all. Digging the 45′ x 21′ foundation by hand proved to be quiet a rash in the 100+ temp. Some would argue the sanity of the gringo’s even doing this kind of work, while others don’t believe in construction missions at all.

But I would like to explain our view:

  • 1. Construction projects draw some who might never go on any other kind of mission trip.
  • 2. There is always opportunity to be a witness as we work.
  • 3. Over and over, again and again hard physical work, by Americans, always causes a stir and people come from all over to see.

The question they always asked is “Why are they here working so hard?” and the answer is “Because we have the love of Christ in our hearts and we want to share His love with them. On doing so, we bring glory to the Lord.”


Day 1 at Mas Agua, Part 1

Sunday night

Once again, we are humbled by the out-pouring of these poor people. They not only gave us perhaps the best house in the village to sleep in, but they also gave us their beds. We arrived in Mas Agua around 7pm to find a welcoming party who had been waiting for two hours just to be here when we arrived. They treated us like we were celebrities.


One for the money, two for the show….

Ready or not it’s time to go!

I have a 6am flight tomorrow morning to Guatemala. A team from Oakland Baptist, Rutledge, TN arrived today. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll drive out to a village called Mas Agua, a community damaged badly by last Fall’s heavy rains. Nearly all who live there lost everything.

This team will help build a church building for a small Assembly of God congregation that has started there. The weather in Mas Agua is very hot and dry now, around 100 degrees. Accommodations include a mattress on the floor and a bucket to wash up. We’ll rough it but it’s only for a few days.

And the whole earth shook… or at least it seemed so as we landed. I started to asked the pilot where he learned that technique of suppressing vertebras but thought I better leave it alone. After all, I have many more flights to make and his memory may be better than his landing skills.

Well Praise the Lord! We are here and have stopped at Pollo Campero’s for dinner. I’m not sure how much farther we have to reach Mas Agua—I’ve never been in this area before.

We left Ely and Rosa at home on the city. He is very tired but was able to preach this morning. Work will start in the morning.

Thanks so much for your prayers.

Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy. Ps.126:5