It was 2am when I crawled out of bed this morning and 6:30am before I got my first cup of coffee. The flight attendant just ask me if I’d like another cup. Life is good.

As I sat on the plane I thought of how easy it is to take things for granted, like your morning cup of Joe, or a roof over my head.

Yesterday morning I had the privilege to be a part of something special. During our men’s prayer time at church, my pastor mentioned that he was going to be moving a young man and his belongings, it would only take a couple of hours and he needed a couple of guys to help. My first thoughts were that I had promised Donna breakfast and I had a full day ahead taking care of last minute things and getting ready for the trip.

As I was exiting the church I found myself stopping in mid stream. Soon my buddy Rex and I were following Pastor Mick to an undisclosed location down in Five Points near the Alabama line.
As we approached I was amazed to see where we were going. An old barn, over grown with weeds and a leaky tin roof had been the storage facility for everything this young man had to his name.

As we loaded our pickup trucks with old card board boxes, a 20 year old computer and a one hundred pound TV that only needed one tube to make it work, my emotions nearly got the best of me. Everything he had wasn’t worth $25.00.

After loading we headed to another undisclosed location near the Wayne County line. Rex, being raised in that area said he knew about where we were going.

We had driven some 30 miles when Rex began pointing out a few things. The house where he had grown up, all of the neighbors and the farms he remembered as a child and such. I did become a bit concerned though when Rex said “Now we’re on a road that I have never been on.”
The road soon became a path rutted and muddy from yesterday’s rain but there was no sign of life anywhere. Finally we spotted a few cows and over the ridge an old house trailer. This had to be the place cause we were literally at the end of the trail.

It didn’t take long to unload all this young man owned in the world held only in two short bed pickup trucks. Of course, the adventure didn’t end there. As I reached to get an old portable outdoor grill, the one that I had loaded earlier. A snake appeared and the bed of my pickup truck wasn’t big enough for either of us at the time. I grabbed a stick, one of the other possessions that I had asked myself, “Self, why are we taking a stick?”. Being only the hauler I only loaded things and kept my questions to myself.

The snake and I danced a bit and soon I had him pinned or so I though. Only long enough for Pastor to say “Rattler.”

The dance stared again but soon with the help of my brothers we got the situation under control. And we did so without there being any accidental holes in my truck’s bed.

After the excitement our thoughts turned back toward this young man once again Yes, we do take much for granted.

Later on, a word of encouragement, a prayer and a handshake we were on our way, hopefully a little more aware of our many blessings.


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