We woke to another beautiful day. Today we would have the opportunity to share the gospel with over 600 students. We rose at 5:30am, had breakfast and arrived at the school in Malacatan by 8am.

After arriving, we divided into four teams. Each team shared in four class rooms. One team member would share a personal testimony and one would follow using the EvangeCube to share.

We were received very well and the students paid close attention as well as asking many questions. During a break our guys played soccer with the students. This was a real crowd pleaser. Many students came up to us non-players and thanked us for coming. We hope to go back again soon. Several did not have Bibles and I’d like to be able to give each student one when we return. We finished by 11a and returned to the dorm for lunch and prepare for VBS.

Thank you so very much for your prayers concerning the students. God touched many lives and blessed each of us.
It’s been a wonderful week and it’s not over yet. We will be on the road early tomorrow heading back to the city.

I have much to share about out last day at La Montonita and will do ASAP.

Blessing to you, Lewis

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