Wednesday night we went for tacos in Malacatan. While there we ran into David, the shoe shine boy, again.

Brad Haney got a boot shine and blessed David with10Q — around a buck-fifty. David only charges 2Q, or 24 cents. It was taco time in Guatemala so we all had supper together afterward.

It was raining that night so after supper we ask David if we could give him a ride home. After some hesitancy he agreed so we all got in the van.

I’m still not sure about his hesitancy, but the trip to his house was much more than we bargained for. There were no street lights, dark clouds blocked any moon light and the darker it became the worse the road was.

With the muddy conditions the narrow road finally became too treacherous to continue. With the Lord’s help we maneuvered the van backward to an area where we could turn around.

It took some doing but we did get David home that night. The next morning we called his mom and and asked if we could come and see them.

The next morning, after breakfast, we made the journey back to David’s house, pictured left. We drove the 4×4 trucks and still had one questionable mud hole to pass through. We did arrive though and met his mom and sisters for the first time.

After some conversation we found out that his mom was a Christian and that David had told her about the Americans buying him food and sharing Christ with him. She said that since he had prayed to receive Christ, back in April, that he had started going to church with them. Sunday is David’s only day off–Monday thru Saturday, between school and work he is gone 12 to 13 hour days. Quite a task for a 12 year old.

Pictured below is David, his mom and three sisters. David has a stepdad who was out working.

We returned to Piedra Partida for a quick lunch before heading to Buena Vista to deliver the food. This would be our final day there and the church had planned service in our honor.

At Buena Vista we worshiped together, Ely preached and afterward we gave the food to the families. What looked like nothing to us would help these folks stretch their monthly needs, and perhaps give them an opportunity to share Christ with their neighbors.

I will send an update later with pics of the service and food distribution.

This week is all but spent, and so are we, but there’s nothing better that I can think of to pour your time, energies and resources into other than the labors of our Lord.

Thanks again for keeping us in your prayers.


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