Today was our last in Las Mercedes. We continued our work as Ruth and Tammy cleaned the church.

The man who lived here brought us fresh oranges, from his tree, two or three times during the week. Rick and David wanted to bless him with a portion of food.

I’m so amazed at how God is softening the hearts here. Lives hardened by war and poverty are now changing. The amigo who brought us oranges was not a believer but we know that soon he will be.

After lunch the team gathered with the church to pray and bless them with some beans and rice. Pastor Isidro, Is-seed-dro, is thanking the team for coming. As always the blessings were ours.

How can one do hard physical work in very tough conditions, sleep on the floor, have no facilities, and yet take no pleasure in leaving? The graciousness and humility of the people is like a magnet. Perhaps we could learn something from this. We, the church, might be more attractive to those who don’t believe. That’s my sermonette for the day.

After many hugs and tearful good byes we left Las Mercedes but a piece of our hearts remain. May a cool breeze blow there today, and may the fragrance of our Lord continue to spread there.

God bless you all,


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