The roads to El Triunfo were a bit challenging but we made the short journey in one hour. As soon as we arrived, children, who were on break from a nearby school, gathered.

Soon The World Cup was on between the Americans and Guatemalans but the game was cut short by the bell. As children made their way back to class the team brought the food to the church. Once the food was inside the church the team blessed the families gathered there.

Food distribution is always a special time for team members. It touches your heart to see how so little can bless so much.

Soon team members were receiving hugs and there is never a question of who gets blessed the most.

Lisa Johnson receives a big hug.

We said our goodbyes and headed out hoping not to get caught by the rain on the bad roads.If the weather permits we will probably take the team out to Port Ocos to see the beach and the Pacific Ocean. The weather cooperated and we made it to the beach and the girls pose for a pic on the lifeguard stand that had been turned over.

Eduardo and the guys do……well what guys do…..dig, play and get wet.

The Johnson family takes a break on a large peice of drift wood.

Our last day at the coast had been a good one, in fact, it had been a really good week. Once again we are thankful for the opportunities the Lord had given us to serve. Your prayers are so very important. Thank you once again.


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