Last night, Rosa fixed her famous rice and bean dish- always a favorite for the team. Afterward, we had a wonderful team time together before heading to bed. Again the night was cool and we rested well.

We arrived back at Catarina, at 9:30 Tuesday morning, to do our door to door evangelism.

After dividing into teams, a local church member went with each group to direct us to the houses. Marjorie Crawford, a missionary kid, born in Costa Rica, is fluent in Spanish which is always a huge blessing for us. I only have pics of my group right now.

The terrain is very steep and where there are no rocks the mud made walking difficult in the dense jungle.

Many of the homes that we visited were very poor. We were well received everywhere we went. Caleb McNatt shares the gospel using an Evangecube in the village with a young mother and her children.

Caleb McNatt, Dallas Johnston and Reed Wingo, from Wynne Baptist youth group, are wonderful young men. They all shared the gospel at different houses this morning without hesitation. They blessed my heart more than words can express.
After lunch we returned for VBS Day 2.
The rain was so hard that even the streets held four to six inches of water.

Surprisingly, the heavy rain didn’t keep the children away. We even saw fathers carry children across flooded streams so they could attend.

Bro. Jeff Gibson, Wynne Baptist Missions Pastor, shares the gospel with the children in a clear and wonderful way using the EvangeCube. The children listened intently and I know our Lord is working in many of their hearts.

The church at Catarina, Canton Barrios, is growing as Pastor Manuel is faithful to his calling.

I don’t have more pics of VBS because of the poor lighting. I need a flash app for the iphone. Oh well… If you are still there… thank you for listening. God bless you.

We greatly appreciate your prayers and support.


2 Responses to “Tuesday, July 27, 2010-Day 2 in Guatemala”
  1. Paula Moore

    I love reading about what He is doing there with you and our WBC team! Praying!!!

  2. Leah McNatt

    Hey I can not wait till we get to go to guatemala

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