We stopped at a Sarita for the bano and separate so Eduardo and Edson could go home while we head to Antigua. This is Friday – just wanted to let you know. Here is Tuesday’s report.

On Tuesday, our day started out with dragging our 1500 lb concrete mixer 50 yards through a corn field and up a make shift ramp. I hoped it would improve as the day progressed.

As we were setting up the concrete mixer and getting ready to pour the ditch our sand arrived.

Well, almost anyway. As the truck pulled off the main road and backed toward the church part of the road gave way leaving one side buried to the axel. It took an hour or so to get the truck out. After a long delay we were ready to make concrete.

This is our project in Palo Gordo. After digging the ditch, the steel is placed and concrete is poured around the base. Large rock’s are added and then more cement. Thus is the process.

Soon a wall will be going up and serve as the outside wall for Sunday School classrooms. After lunch a dense fog set in so we packed our bags and headed off the mountain. A little weary, we returned to the dorm in time for supper.

Always appreciate your prayers and support.


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