We’ve had two flat tires in two days, Eduardo puts the spare back under the truck after we repaired the tires. It was a beautiful day at the coast today, Monday The team is doing a really great job.

Going for supplies is always a challenge. Ely and I went looking for more paint for the roof. The 15 gallons we had wasn’t going as far as we thought it would. After three towns and five paint stores we found what we needed, praise the Lord. We returned to Piedra Partida by 5pm and heard that VBS had gone well. Around 100 children attended We praise God for such a wonderful day. No injuries or sickness – we are so thankful. As always Rosa and Jami had a wonderful meal prepared for dinner. Afterwards we had another wonderful devotion time together. Everyone was ready for bed tonight.

Tuesday Morning – this is how we roll…..out of the bed that is

It was still slightly raining so the roof would have to wait. The team painted all of the steel below. The girls did a great job painting the steel bars on the windows.

Rebecca has her own style of finger painting while mom, Lisa, and daughter, Katie, stay with the more traditional approach.

Hannah and Courtney volunteer to clean the concrete roof of the dorm.

And as the sun pops out the guys get started on the metal roof once again.

Edson and Zack clean and paint as everyone gets busy.

Team leader, David, wanted all the good folks back in Groves, TX to know that Tanner has eaten everything that has been set before him.

Noon time on Tuesday in Paradise……it’s been a good day so far. Thanks for listening. Lord bless you all. We love you and appreciate your support. Please keep praying…


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