On Tuesday morning we got an early start on pouring the floor at the church. The platform area of the church poured before breakfast.

We had drug our “portable” cement mixer inside the church building to start the pour. While the sand and gravel mix was just outside it had to be shoveled into buckets as Keith and Danny are doing. Buckshot ran back and forth with FIVE GALLONS of water he gathered from a barrel. The barrel was being kept full by team members going down to the river and carrying the water, up hill, to the church. Buck made sure the cement mix was the right consistency, and the process was repeated SIXTY to SEVENTY times. When you are pouring cement in the jungle, with limited equipment, there is not an easy way of getting the task achieved. Hardworking American’s and Guatemalan’s working side by side creates a bond as well as a good testimony for all in the village.

Donald Robinson, Tom Spinks and Dwayne Johnson haul the sand and gravel to the machine, we loaded it, or should I say Mike Gains, “the machine,” Mike Gower, Pat Quillen, Dwayne and Brandon came to my rescue. They ¬†loaded the majority of the sand and rock into the mixer. After the mix was right even the ladies joined us, as you see Joyce and Shay Dail. We played pass the buckets of cement to where it needed to be.

Teresa Gower, a nurse, and Shay cut in half the 80 lb. bags of cement to fit the mix. It took EVERYONE doing something to get the job completed.

Finally we came to the point to move the machine outside. In-progress the distances shortened loading and unloading.¬†By noon we had shoveled, bucketed, caught and poured some FIFTEEN YARDS of concrete. The job was finished as well as most of the team. The church now has a good place to worship and invite friends and neighbors. We pray that many souls will be won to our Lord’s kingdom here.


ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY children came to VBS. Donna shared stories about the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Danny and Mike swing a large jump rope for the girls at rec time. Others helped with the crafts and coloring.

Serving the Lord is a WONDERFUL PRIVILEGE……I guess that’s what made this Tuesday a TERRIFIC ONE.

God bless you,


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