Last night wasn’t the best nights sleep I’ve ever had. At 3am, I heard the largest ensemble of roosters that I’ve ever heard. There must have been a thousand or more.

When we plugged in the cord to the coffee pot sparks and smoke flew. I guess a gringo pulled on it one to many times. Getting it fixed is a top priority.

Yesterday, Rich brought us a good word from 1 Cor 1:27-31, reminding us that we have nothing to offer God but our lives. God chooses the foolish and the weak which both am I. He uses all who will allow Him to. Question: is God using you my friend? If not, I perhaps all you need to do is surrender you life to Him. If you have conviction or thoughts of this need in your life understand that is God drawing you to Himself.

The work continues in “the hole.” Soon we will be pouring concrete in the forms they are making now.

This gives us a break for a few minutes. A dear lady in my home church makes dolls and sends them all over the world.

Yesterday, we were blessed to give some them out here. These are no ordinary dolls. They explain what God’s Word says about salvation.

We appreciate your prayer. God bless you.

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