We woke to a beautiful blue and sunny sky. Breakfast was fresh piña, platanos and pancakes. After this wonderful concoction of fruit, oil and white flour the team shared personal testimonies of the week and prayed together.

At 9:30am, we loaded the supplies along with our lunch and headed for Las Mercedes, the village where Ely and I nearly lost our lives four years ago. I now always look forward to going there, visiting the believers and sharing with the lost souls the good news of Christ. To sit and listen to what God is doing, in the lives of people, who nearly took our lives four years ago, is a wonderful experience. Arriving, we divided into two groups as we walked through the village.

My group stopped by the home of a dear lady names Yolanda, a mother of six children. As we shared Christ with her tears filled her eyes and we could see that God was stirring her heart.
My heart broke for her as she struggled over some family issues that kept her from surrendering her life to Christ.
We blessed each family we visited with small gifts prepared by the team.

Gotta run… great day of VBS at La Montonita. More later.


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