After breakfast David Mitchell and I took some of the ladies to buy fabric in Malacatan. The sky and mountains gave us a visual characterization of God’s scenic beauty of His poetic creation.

After finding the fabrics they needed, we returned by 10a and prepared to head to Buena Vista for the last day of Bible school.

The road was rough and steep and could only be traveled by 4×4 trucks. We had 22 gringos and supplies in our two trucks. We were loaded and praying that it wouldn’t rain.

Many children arrived early and several of the team members helped occupy their time by painting fingernails. This was a special time for these children.

More than 200 children came on Wednesday. With tight quarters and language barriers this usually spells mass chaos. We prefer to call what we had — organized mass chaos.

The team did a great job with songs, crafts, recreation. Paul Boles told the Bible story and gave a gospel invitation. Many children responded. We trust God with their decisions.

We organized some relay races in rec time and the children and the gringo’s had a great time.

As VBS wrapped up at Buena Vista the team handed out toys and dolls with salvation bracelets attached. The senior adults at FBC Pulaski had made over 200 of these dolls and they were wonderful gifts for the children.

VBS at Buena Vista was in the books and had gone well. This was “Frontier Evangelism” for this was the first VBS at Buena Vista. The pastor had told us to plan for 100 children. The team planned for over 150 and over 200 children attended. Such is life in the mission field.

We made the slow journey back to the dorm.Tomorrow we would return once again to distribute food before finishing our week.

Can’t thank you enough for your prayers and financial support.


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