Wednesday in Paradise! Though a few signs of weariness are starting to show, this team of teens and three brave adults rose early and quickly started work. The guys have gotten a system down in moving the scaffolds and painting the underside steel. They will finish soon. The massive roof continues to be a challenge for us as we have run out of paint once again.

At 8am, Edson and Zack leave for Mazaltanago, 45 minutes away, to the store where Ely and I found paint on Tuesday. We now have used double the amount we were first told it would take. Edson and Zack returned by 10a. The guys only had one hour to paint so that what they applied would dry before the afternoon rains came. At 11am they still need a few hours to finish. Tommorrow we hope to start early and finish by breakfast.

Megan, Hannah D, and Mrs Lisa work in food. While the guys painted, the ladies prepared food that we will deliver Thursday morning. While some prepared the food, others painted wooden benches used by the church.

Hannah opens 25 lb bags of sugar so portions can be divided.

Katie, Cortney, Rebecca and Allison take time out for a photo.

The clean up around the dorm continued. Hannah, a.k.a. the “machine”, never stopped on the clean up detail.

Bible School – Final Day

Hannah and special friend. Somewhere around 140 kids came to VBS today.

Christian helps a group of boys doing crafts, as does Hannah.

After all of the love given, Bible stories told and games played, around 20 children responded to a gospel invitation. We praise God and trust Him with the results. Thanks again for allowing us into your lives and being a part of ours. Lord bless you all.

In His grip, Lewis

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