The road to Las Mercedes is rough making the trip long and hot.


Once again, we divided up and went to houses throughout the village.


Here Rex and Kim Vines, with Eduardo’s help, share the gospel with a lady.
In the three hours we were there, God provided many opportunities and we are grateful.


After lunch, we drove to La Montanita and once the meeting with the church members was over, we headed out through their village.


David and Allison Mitchell share with a lady while Rex and Kim visit at another.


As we walked back to the church we were stopped by two different families and asked if we would come in and pray for their sick loved ones. This was such a blessing and a humbling experience. We prayed and asked God for healing.


Thank you once again for your prayers. One special prayer request:

Donna called tonight to say that something was wrong with my grandson’s, Colby, new horse’s foot. Bella is Colby’s first horse and we had just gotten her two weeks ago for his tenth birthday.

The vet came and determined that Bella’s leg, just above the hoof, was shattered and would have to be put down. I know that Colby’s heart is broken along with his mom and dad’s. Mine is hurting right now for them also. If I could ask… Would you mine lifting Colby, Rob, Brandi, and Arley up to the Lord. I know that they will appreciate it.

Thank you so much. Lord bless you.


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