Last time we were here I failed to introduce you to the community. Many families, like this one shown here (above), are trying to rebuild their lives.

The local grocery is up and running!

The new church building is almost ready for a roof.

60 children came to Bible school. They are always a blessing to watch.

The team constructed this temporary shelter out of old tin and wood. This provided some protection from the sun but it was still 98 degrees in the shade.

Thanks so much for your prayers.


One Response to “Welcome to Masagua”
  1. Traci lawson

    Oh how I wish I were there! I see they are coloring the sheets Kaylee and I prepared. It makes me feel like Im a little part of the bible school! I am praying for the children to come out and meet the wonderful gringos who love them so much!!! Prayers for your health and stanima. Love to all

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