Every morning this week, Michael and Buckshot would wake up at 5am, get a fire started, and the coffee brewing. We’ve come to appreciate and expect this fine luxury. Temps in the morning are around 40. Not bad, but a bit chilly with no heat–another hardship these people endure every morning.

What a difference from last week’s triple digit temps at Masagua, with no AC. Both are a big contrast to our lives in the States.

Last week, when the thunder storm hit Masagua, I was running for cover and remember seeing the make-shift roofs from the houses blowing off. I cared more for my safety and security than I did for those whose lives had already been washed away by the floods and now what was left was being soaked. May God forgive me.

I wonder, how many we pass by everyday… Perhaps their roof is in tack but their lives are falling apart. Shouldn’t we be the light that Christ called us to be? If His light doesn’t shine through us, does it exists within us?

Last Day at LLano Grande

Just as we started our work this morning, we noticed a farmer’s truck had over-turned a few hundred yards away.

We loaded up and then went to lift a hand. This truck was loaded with a few thousand pounds of potatoes, apparently more than it should haul.

With all of us working together we were able to right the truck and then lift it out of the ditch. Soon we were back pouring concrete and had the wall completed by 3pm.

We said our good-byes, loaded our tools, and headed down the mountain. Almost missed an opportunity. Arriving at the Mexican Taco stand by 6:30pm, we sat down for dinner. A young boy came by selling cookies. Tired and hungry I brushed him off but about that quickly, I called him back to our table and asked him to join us. A bit apprehensive at first, he sat down. A big smile came over his face as the waiter asked him what he wanted to eat. “Mi nombre es Roni.” He was twelve and that’s about all we knew about him except that he sells cookies and doesn’t go to school. Perhaps the Lord will bring him our way again.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy. Ps.126:5

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