This was the question that ten year old Eli Hill asked me on Tuesday night: he and I, along with his parents David and Tanya, talked together for a bit. I asked Eli, “Why do you want to be baptized?” He said that he had prayed and asked Jesus into his heart a while back and he was ready to follow Christ in believers baptism.

With the next question that I asked, his answer brought tears to my eyes. I said, “Eli, what made you want to be saved?” He answered, “Because I realized that I didn’t have what my daddy had. I wanted to worship like my dad had and I had watched my dad read his Bible every morning. I wanted to have that desire. I knew that he had something that I didn’t have.”

Yesterday, we called Pastor Matt Pierson, their pastor, and with his blessing we began to prepare (search for a place to baptize.) The rivers are full and flowing now with all the rain making them too dangerous.


Yesterday, as the sun was setting, we found a small pond created by the river. Here I’m standing with Eli and his parents.


With his parents, the team and Edurado gathered on the bank while Eli and I entered the waters. I had the wonderful privilege to baptize my new brother in Christ. We have had many good days here but this was a very special time.

To God be the glory.


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